Repertoire Ideas & Inspiration

The vast repertoire available to pianists is a wonderful blessing but this also presents some challenges. Just knowing where to start when looking for pieces to learn can be daunting as there are many factors to consider such as the level, specific technical difficulties, your available practice time and how a piece supports your musical development. Furthermore, a lack of knowledge of the repertoire can often be a hindrance or lead to missing out on some excellent works.

In this set of three workshops, Graham Fitch will offer some general tips for choosing pieces and present a bouquet of repertoire ideas at different levels. The pieces will be drawn from graded examination material as well as other publications and will be easily available for free download or purchase online. During the sessions you will discover some hidden gems in addition to reasons to consider pieces that you may be aware of but have overlooked.

Graham will also give advice on how to choose pieces that are suitable for your level and obtain a balance between works that fill in gaps in your technical and musical development and those that will help you assimilate what you can already do and therefore be easier to learn.

This event is aimed at pianists of all levels and will also be useful to teachers looking for ideas for what to prescribe students. Although it is divided into sessions based on three skill levels, you may find it worthwhile exploring repertoire outside of your level as ideas for a challenge to work towards or easier pieces as quick studies.

In addition to being an enjoyable and informative showcase of repertoire, this event will help you select suitable pieces that both inspire you and support your broader goals for your piano playing!

Format & ticket options

The sessions will be presented via Zoom and participants will have opportunities to ask questions via chat during various sessions and afterwards by email. The event is being filmed in studio and all ticket holders will receive high-definition recordings after the event. Therefore if you can’t join us live, you can still watch the presentations at your convenience afterwards.

Tickets for all three sessions cost £60 (£36 for Online Academy subscribers) and can be purchased here or individually via the following links:

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Workshop sessions & dates

Repertoire Ideas & Inspiration (Elementary) (04 Feb 2023 @ 13:00 GMT)

Repertoire Ideas & Inspiration (Intermediate) (04 Feb 2023 @ 14:15 GMT)

Repertoire Ideas & Inspiration (Advanced) (04 Feb 2023 @ 15:45 GMT)

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Repertoire Ideas, Interpretation & Creativity (Combined Ticket)

Multiple workshops

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