Awakening the Imagination – Developing a Personal Interpretation

17 Dec 2022 @ 11:00 GMT

When we practise, we work at making our playing of a piece as accurate and technically secure as we can, striving to observe all the markings given by the composer. This is, of course, only a part of the process. Alongside the note learning and finessing, it is vital we develop our own individual artistic image of the music, uncovering the composer’s message as we see it and formulating our own ideas about how the music should sound.

In this workshop, Graham Fitch will present a selection of pieces from the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels, exploring possible narratives, images and expressive ideas that help shape interpretations that are personal to us. By opening ourselves up to our own imagination, we are able to play with conviction and freedom, engaging with the music expressively rather than mechanically.

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