Music from the Inside Out

A musician’s guide to freeing performance

Have you ever been devastated by performance anxiety? Have you struggled with physical problems like tendonitis or nodules? Do you know what it feels like to battle with issues of confidence and self belief?

Charlotte’s book Music from the Inside Out tackles the thorny issues that can profoundly affect you as a musician, and which you may not want to face. You are encouraged to look at what lies beneath the surface and you are guided to unlock what’s holding you back.

  • Learn how to transform your own Inner Critic;
  • Get to grips with your performance nerves;
  • Discover how to play with complete physical freedom;
  • Perform to the peak of your expressive power.

Music from the Inside Out gives you tools that can transform your whole approach to performing music.

“This book is an essential read for all musicians – I would highly recommend it!” – Maxim Vengerov

“I found your book totally BRILLIANT! It is fascinatingly insightful and resonated with me so powerfully. You have got it so right! I wish your book had been around when I was at the Guildhall – I would have found it a huge help. I hope it will become required reading for all music students everywhere in future. That kind of self-knowledge is invaluable…” – Ann McKay, soprano