Foundations in Piano Technique

Are you starting to learn the piano or are you returning to it having played before? Are there any technical challenges that are holding you back? Playing the piano can be enjoyable and deeply satisfying, but it’s essential to learn sound technique at the beginning stages to ensure fast, confident progress.

Penelope Roskell’s online course for adult beginners and returners teaches the foundations of a musically focussed technique in 25 detailed lessons. Based on her award-winning book, The Complete Pianist, the course guides elementary pianists through all the main skills a pianist needs to learn with an approach underpinned by the latest research. It can be used by itself, as a complement to other method books and alongside one-to-one or group piano lessons.

Introductory video

Course features

  • 25 high quality video lessons with multiple camera angles giving an easily accessible, friendly approach to developing a healthy, sustainable piano technique.
  • The videos are designed to be paused at various stages, allowing you to try out the exercises at your own piano for a more in-depth understanding.
  • Detailed notes and numerous musical examples accompany each video and can be downloaded for ease of use during your piano practice.
  • Each aspect of technique is presented in a step-by-step manner, starting with simple exercises devised by Penelope herself which are then developed into an engaging musical example.
  • Extension activities are provided for adult returners with suggestions for related pieces which will help you develop each technique further.

Who it’s for

Although the techniques described in this course are fundamental to piano playing at all levels and all genres, the course is primarily aimed at:

  • Adult beginners embarking upon learning the piano wanting to build an excellent technique form the outset
  • Adult returners who are coming back to the piano after a break and are seeking a ‘refresher’
  • More advanced pianists seeking to address specific issues that have held them back or wanting a better understanding of certain aspects of technique
  • Teachers of adult beginners and returners seeking new ideas and resources to help their students

A healthy piano technique not only avoids injury but also helps to achieve a more beautiful sound, greater artistic freedom and faster progress. This comprehensive course will help you to resolve common problems and instil a well-coordinated, confident approach to technique, paving the way for a lifetime of fruitful, expressive and injury-free playing!