Playing with Freedom (2022)

20 Mar 2022 @ 13:30 GMT

Do you feel frustrated that your performances don’t always rise to the occasion? Are anxiety, doubts around interpretation or technical issues undermining your confidence and holding you back? 

There are many reasons why you might end up being dissatisfied - negative self-talk, uncertainty regarding interpretation and anxiety can easily lead to physical tension which in turn results in erratic or uncoordinated playing. Even with a positive mindset, we can often be let down by technical issues or sloppy practice habits.

In this afternoon workshop, Graham Fitch will provide insights and suggestions in the following key areas to help you achieve greater freedom in your playing:

  • Positive mindset & confidence – Identifying sources of anxiety, how to free yourself from negative thoughts, practice techniques that lay down rock solid foundations for greater confidence when performing and dealing with nerves.
  • Interpretation and narrative – Creating a vivid artistic image using mindmaps, imagery and narrative to deliver an interpretation that is musically satisfying to you and therefore your audience.
  • Technical freedom - Approaching technical challenges in healthy, natural ways for more solid, reliable playing that will help you convey your musical intentions effectively.

This workshop will help you to achieve your full potential at the piano and to deliver performances free from tension and anxiety. It is only when we are solidly prepared, free from anxiety, and excited to deliver the composer’s message as we see it, that we are truly empowered at the piano!

Workshop format

The workshop will run from 13:30 until 17:00 and will be divided up into three sessions of an hour each with two short breaks in-between. There will be opportunities for questions and answers throughout and the sessions will be recorded. Therefore, if you are unable to attend the session on the day or can't attend the full workshop, you will still be able to watch the videos at your convenience shortly after the event.

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