Spontaneous Social Piano

04 Jun 2021 @ 14:00 BST (GMT +01:00)

Perhaps you have played for many years, or you’ve only recently begun, but have you ever had an opportunity to play only to not be able to without your scores / pieces you’re working on? If you’d like to be able to sit down at any piano, anywhere and play spontaneously (without notation) for your own and others’ fun and enjoyment, then this online workshop is for you!

Based on her easy to access, step-by-step system, Lucinda will teach how to play by ear, improvise and accompany songs - including Happy Birthday, Folk Songs, Pop songs and Christmas carols. You will learn how easy it is to play and improvise with chords and chord progressions, understand chord symbols and read from lead sheets. You will also be shown how to encourage everyone – even non-piano playing family and friends to join in.

With her wealth of experience working with adult piano players of all ages and stages, Lucinda’s webinars are designed for everyone: Beginning from the beginning and progressing in a logical and systematic order, each idea will be introduced with optional extensions, so that everyone can play and enjoy them at their own level.

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