Brahms Intermezzo in A Major (Op. 118 No. 2)

Collection of resources for this work, including a downloadable study edition, video walkthrough series on learning it and a “fantasy analysis” providing a personal narrative on interpretation
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Intermezzo in A Major (Op. 118 No. 2)


This collection of videos and accompanying annotated study edition provides a walk-through of one of the most beloved short piano pieces ever written, starting with some background and an introduction to its features followed by a look at aspects including interpretation, texture, pedalling and voicing....

Intermezzo in A Major (Op. 118 No. 2)

Fantasy Analysis

This collection of videos provides an imaginative, personal narrative on the interpretation of Brahms’s nostalgic Intermezzo in A Major, examining the work section by section and focussing on feelings, ideas and colours....


Graham Fitch

Graham Fitch, based in London, maintains an international career not only as a pianist, but also as a teacher, adjudicator, examiner, lecturer, writer and commentator on piano playing and musical subjects.

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