Improving Your Chord Technique

06 Nov 2021 @ 15:30 GMT

To celebrate the launch of her new course on Teaching Healthy Expressive Technique, Penelope Roskell will be giving two workshops for pianists and teachers on the 6th November 2021 how to improve fluency, sound quality, evenness, suppleness and strength when playing scales, arpeggios and chords.

Workshop 2: Improving Your Chord Technique

Do you get tired and tense playing chords? Or do your chords sound weak or harsh? Using exercises from her new course on Teaching Healthy Expressive Technique and from her book The Complete Pianist, Penelope Roskell demonstrates different types of chord technique as well as showing how these can be put into practice in a range of different pieces.

Topics covered in this online workshop include:

  • Using arm weight to produce cantabile chords
  • Using natural movements to make staccato chords feel effortless
  • Throwing the hand to play vibrant, rhythmic chords
  • Upward chords for vitality and strength

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Scales, Arpeggios and Improving Your Chord Technique (Combined ticket)

06 Nov 2021 @ 15:30 GMT

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