Online Academy Birthday Bash - Lecture-Performances

15 Jan 2022 @ 14:00 GMT

The Practising the Piano Online Academy turned five in October and as part of our celebrations, we ran a special day of  piano-themed events on Saturday 15th January at the Fidelio Café in central London.


The afternoon comprised three lecture-presentations. In the first session, “Bringing Baroque Music to Life”, Graham Fitch presents a rough guide to playing baroque music stylistically and expressively on the piano.

The following excerpt from the full recording shows how Graham applies these elements to go beyond what’s provided in the score in the Allemande from Bach’s Partita No. 1 in B-flat Major, BWV 825:

This was followed by a presentation by Graham on Mozart’s Sonata in B-flat, K.333, exploring how the sonata is  constructed and how to meet the interpretative and stylistic challenges it presents.

In this excerpt from his presentation, Graham shows how an overholding touch can be used instead of the pedal to create resonance and harmony:

In the last session, Penelope Roskell performed a selection of movements from Schubert’s last sonata (D960) and shared some insights on texture, voicing, harmony and what she particularly loves about this monumental work.

In this excerpt from her presentation, Penelope Roskell illustrates how the opening theme is interrupted with a trill on an unexpected note, giving the indication that this piece is not quite as serene as it might seem!

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