Mastering Double Notes

15 May 2021 @ 16:00 BST (GMT +01:00)

Double notes, especially when fast, present the pianist with a significant technical challenge: how to make the “weaker” outer fingers as strong and as agile as the already-stronger inner fingers?

In this online workshop, Graham Fitch explores the topic of mastering the challenges posed by double notes in detail. The workshop will start with exercises in double thirds, then progress to scales in double notes and other double note formats e.g. 6ths, 4ths (octave playing will be covered separately in a future workshop!).

Using numerous examples from the repertoire, exercises and studies, Graham will demonstrate correct technical foundations for the development of this skill from the intermediate to advanced stages, with suggestions for practice and pitfalls to avoid.

How it works

The presentation will include be short breakout sessions in which you will be able to test out the ideas presented in the privacy of your own home. Graham will be on stand-by to give assistance during the breakout sessions (this is optional and you may simply turn-off your camera if you wish to remain private). The breakout sessions will be followed by an opportunity for Q&A.

The session will be recorded and all participants will receive a link to download the video and the accompanying resources. Also included within the ticket price is access to the Online Academy’s detailed module on the subject. Therefore, if you are unable to attend the session on the day, you will still be able to watch the workshop recording and access the other resources at your convenience thereafter.

Who it’s for?

This workshop is suitable for pianists from the intermediate to the advanced level. Although it will be of particular interest if you are struggling with double notes in a current piece, proficiency in double note playing has benefits way beyond the ability to play scales and passages. Practising double notes regularly keeps the playing in excellent shape, helping with coordination within the hand, the ability to voice, and a feeling of strength in the “weak” fingers.

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