How Can a Wrong Note Be Perfect?

08 May 2021 @ 15:00 BST (GMT +01:00)

Should wrong notes be meticulously avoided during practice, as many traditionalists advise? Are we really like computers that must only input “clean” information? Or - is every honest mistake actually full of truthful, golden information from our body about exactly how things are and where it needs to focus?

In this online workshop, William Westney explores how honest mistakes can be the most efficient pathway to tension-free mastery of any physical skill. Through demonstrations and ample opportunities for questions and discussion, William will show how suppressing honest mistakes guarantees needless frustration but understanding them allows the body to teach itself in a natural way.

The philosophies of practising presented stem from a traditional Russian school of pianism and are also the core idea of William’s bestselling book, The Perfect Wrong Note. Participants will learn how to:

  • Save time in practice and get lasting, solid results
  • Eliminate needless guilt, frustration and fear 
  • Achieve physical comfort and an absence of tension
  • Develop a willingness to take chances
  • Break through to more virtuosic levels of technique

This workshop is for anyone who practises the piano at any level or guides others in doing so. Although you don’t need to have read William’s book to benefit from this session, if you’ve read it and it raised any questions, this is the perfect opportunity to ask them!

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