Interactive Practising Workshop

This new two-part online workshop provides an interactive, practical way to learn how to apply Graham Fitch’s practice tools in your daily practising and within the context of pieces that you are learning. The format is an online version of an innovative workshop that we ran last year in London and is designed as a complement to our previous practice tools presentations.

How it works

The workshop is divided up into a set of topics with an introductory presentation for each followed by a “break-out” session in which you will be able to test out the concepts presented and associated exercises in the privacy of your own home. Graham will be on stand-by to give assistance during these sessions which will then be followed by a group discussion and Q&A.

You will also share your practising with the group and work directly with Graham should you choose to do so. However, this is entirely optional and you will not be required to play in front of others if you do not want to.

Workshop content & topics

Following a brief introduction, the workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Using the feedback loop: How to plan and focus your practice session for maximum benefit in every area
  • How to learn a new piece: Explore techniques for analysing a piece using PPR (Personalised Pattern Recognition) and establish a timeline to take the piece from its beginning stages to performance level
  • Slow practice: How to use ultra-slow speeds for learning notes, correcting errors and finessing sound, and when not to use it!
  • Gaining speed: Use two methods of taking a piece from the slow stages to performance speed, developing fluency and accuracy as well as ease and grace
  • Repetition in practice: We form habits by repetition, but only perfect practice makes perfect. In this segment you will learn how to manage repetition in our practice mindfully and creatively to achieve tangible, lasting results.

Who it’s for?

The workshop is aimed at pianists from a late elementary through to advanced level and variations of the exercises will be provided for different levels. You don’t need to have attended one of our previous workshops in order to attend, but if you have done so then you may find this new session to be a highly beneficial follow-on as it will give you more hands on experience in applying and implementing the various practice tools.

Set-up and preparation

To participate you will need to be able to position yourself at your keyboard with your microphone muted for the purposes of the break-away sessions. You do not need to have a camera or to share your camera unless you wish to.

Preparatory materials for the breakout sessions will be emailed to you in advance of the course. Please also have the following ready:

  • A new piece you would like to embark on
  • One or two problem passages from any of your pieces so you can apply the practice tools during the breakout sessions
  • A metronome (or metronome app)

Workshop sessions & dates

Part 1 (02 Dec 2020 @ 13:00 GMT)

Part 2 (02 Dec 2020 @ 15:00 GMT)

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