Developing Strong Technical Foundations

In this interactive workshop, Penelope Roskell will show you the fundamental movements which form the basis of healthy, effortless and expressive piano technique. She will demonstrate exercises from her book, The Complete Pianist, for developing these movements and integrating them into your own, or your students’, playing. 

The following aspects of technique will be demonstrated first at a beginner level, then Penelope will show how they can be extended and refined for use in more advanced repertoire:

  • Balancing the body
  • Playing with a beautiful cantabile sound in melodies and chords
  • Free lateral and forward-and-back movements,
  • Scale and arpeggio technique
  • Rotation

Who it’s for?

The fundamental movements and associated exercises are the same for beginners and advanced players, and they all help pianists develop freedom, both musically and technically, while preventing injury. Teachers will find them particularly useful for establishing healthy technical foundations in their students. 

Workshop format

The workshop will follow a practical, interactive format. Therefore, we encourage participants to be at their piano if possible so they can try out exercises during the workshop. There will also be opportunities for questions.

The sessions will be recorded, and all participants will receive a link to download the video. If you are unable to attend the session on the day, you will still be able to watch the video at your convenience.

About the presenter

Penelope Roskell is a pianist and professor of piano and pedagogy at Trinity Laban. She is the author of The Complete Pianist: from healthy technique to natural artistry and is the UK’s foremost specialist in working with pianists with injuries.

Workshop sessions & dates

Developing Strong Technical Foundations (Part 1) (21 Nov 2020 @ 13:30 GMT)

Developing Strong Technical Foundations (Part 2) (21 Nov 2020 @ 15:30 GMT)

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