The Merry Farmer

ABRSM Grade 4 – B2

Schumann’s piano music is a joy to play – it is full of inspiration, fantastic contrasts in mood and character as well as beautiful melodies and breathtakingly beautiful harmonies. This series of articles provides notes outlining how to approach learning The Merry Farmer, Returning from Work from the Album for... Read >>

Graham Fitch Learning pieces Schumann

Von fremden Ländern und Menschen

Kinderszenen, Op. 15, no. 1

Schumann’s Von fremden Länder und Menschen (Of Foreign Lands and People), the first piece of his Kinderszenen (Scenes of Childhood), is a poetic evocation of the dream-like world of children. In this article, the three strands of the music — melody, bass, and accompaniment — are studied individually before being... Read >>

Ken Johansen Learning pieces Schumann

*** (Album for the Young No. 30)

The 30th piece in Schumann’s Album for the Young is one of the composer’s most intimate and tender short pieces, full of harmonic and contrapuntal refinement. Although it is technically accessible to intermediate pianists, it is musically rewarding for more advanced players as well. This From the Ground Up edition... Read >>

Ken Johansen Learning pieces Schumann

Knight Rupert (Album for the Young No. 12)

Knight Rupert, No. 12 from Schumann’s Album for the Young, Op. 68, is a favourite recital piece for the intermediate player, and great fun to play. The rousing A section contrasts beautifully with the more lyrical B section. This video walkthrough and article shows how to use quarantining and other... Read >>

Graham Fitch Learning pieces Schumann

Schumann - Album for the Young (Op. 68)

Schumann’s Album for the Young is a collection of delightful character pieces cherished by pianists at all levels. Composed for his daughters in 1848, the pieces are invaluable for developing both technical and interpretative skills. In this video series, Graham Fitch explores each of the pieces in the first volume... Read >>

Graham Fitch Learning pieces Schumann

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