Bach - Invention in D Minor No. 4

(BWV 775)

The Inventions (in two parts) and the Sinfonias (in three parts) were begun in 1720 as part of a manuscript book devoted to the musical education of Bach’s eldest son, Wilhelm Friedemann, then 9 years old. These pieces have certainly withstood the test of time, and are played throughout the world by intermediate players and concert artists alike.

I have identified two Q-spots in this work where many people get stuck. You’ve probably guessed where these spots are – the two places where we find extended trills:

  • Bar 18 – Downbeat of 23
  • Bar 29 – Downbeat of bar 35

I’m going to give you a very detailed approach to the first Q-spot only. You will then be able to apply this to the second one.

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Resources & links

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